DIY Piñatas

Lately they’ve been all over the place: piñatas. Today’s post is about this phenomenon that originally comes from China (and not from Mexico as is often thought).

There’s been a piñata-mania on Pinterest recently, it seems like they’re making a comeback. This one above I encountered on studiodiy.com. Just amazing, don’t you think?

A piñata is a bright coloured figure usually made of paper mache filled with candy, confetti and, sometimes, small gifts. On Christmas and birthdays, children (and adults who haven’t lost their childishness) are blindfolded, and hit the piñata until it breaks and a plethora of sweets and confetti falls on them.

Below you will find some awesome examples…

Visit by ConfettisystemLovely color and form!

Piñata Paris by Whack PiñateriaEiffel Tower in Paris found on Whack Piñateria

Pinata eggs
Eggs by asubtlerevelry.com

DIY Valentine's Day gold
Valentines special by Studio DIY

Mini pinatas
Mini piñatas by ohhappyday

More examples are on my Pinterest board Piñatas.

Credits: 1. Studio DIY | 2. Confettisystem.tumblr.com | 3. Whack Piñateria | 4. asubtlerevelry.com | 5. Studio DIY | 6. Ohhappyday.com

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  1. Aneke wrote:

    Hier word je blij van!
    Ik zou er wel 1 willen!
    Fijn weekend.

  2. Wat zijn ze leuk! Heerlijke kleuren en gekke vormen.

    Een kleurrijke groet,

  3. Winny wrote:

    Wat superleuk!!