A little spring inspiration

For me spring can’t start fast enough! But what does the weather station predict? Temperatures below zero (it’s ridiculous on the First day of April). I’m so tired of this long cold winter and grey days, all I want is sunshine!

Hopefuly some spring inspiration will help us through these cold days. I scrolled through my Pinterest boards and combined my favorite pictures into a moodboard. I hope you like it!

A little bit spring inspiration

Maybe from now on I will start each month with a moodboard to inspire and kick off a new month with some delight for the eyes! That’s a good idea don’t you think?

Credits images:
1 jenniferstoddart.tumblr.com | 2 pinterest.com/bymolle/nature | 3 littlehelsinki.blogspot.no | 4 society.com/GoldenSugartStudio | 5 Source unknown | 6 happyolks.com | 7 gemmailly.com | 8 pinterest.com/shopfolklore/colour-dusky

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One Comment

  1. Yvonne wrote:

    Mooie kleuren! Inderdaad al helemaal het lente gevoel… Fijn!