Mi-avril: Wonderful paper garlands

Paper garland chiffres by Mi-avril

I can’t wait to share this webshop with you! At Mi-avril you will find the most wonderful paper garlands. It’s just divine, isn’t it?

The face behind Mi-avril is Virginie. She makes decorative paper garlands and loves taking pictures. On her blog she collect photos, textile searches and daily inspirations. In her shop you will find garlands in perfect colour combinations. They are a lovely addition for your home or birthday party.

This French shop Mi-avril is definitely worth a visit. I hope you like this shop as much as I do.

Garland pastilles zigzag by Mi-avrilGarland Pastilles zigzag

Garland clouds horizon by Mi-avrilGarland Clouds horizon

Garland Toupie kraft by Mi-avrilGarland Toupie kraft

Garland Clouds Tilia by Mi-avrilGarland Clouds Tilia

Garland chiffres by Mi-avrilGarland Chiffres

Garland Folia by Mi-avrilGarland Folia

Postcard by Mi-avrilPostcard Salvia (set of 6 different postcards)

Credits images: Mi-avril

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