Jee bags: My addiction for bags

A few weeks ago I visited the Sukha Amsterdam store at the Haarlemmerstraat 110. It’s such a amazing shop – I’II definitely write a post on it soon. I was looking around when my attention was drawn to the bags of the brand Jee bags.

Jee bags
The woman behind is Janneke Peters. She makes beautiful designs and uses different materials. In her work she always uses a star. Janneke: “I want to make beautiful things that give women the special feeling that they can distinguish themselves by wearing my designs”.

My addiction
I have an addiction for bags and I definitely won’t reveil how many I already have, but I’m sure that I’II add a Jee bag to my collection very soon.

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Image by: Jee bags

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  1. Andreia wrote:

    I’m loving your blog and loved to read your About page. Maybe sometimes we can communicate in Portuguese :)

    • marloes wrote:

      Obrigada :) Thanks for your comment and nice to hear that you’re loving my blog. Follow me also on Twitter/Facebook and never miss a new blogpost!

  2. Chwtt wrote:

    If you love bags, i make some in leather, handcrafted and not so expansive !! And i’ve a blog too, i love yours !! (I’m french so my english is not so good…)

    Hope to see you on my blog !! Have a nice day…