Swoon, it’s just perfect!

I’m dreaming about how this awesome color would look in our new bathroom…

We kick of this week with some pretty pictures from Swoon, a new Swedish bathroom brand designed by Fredrik Wallner. Yes, I finally found my favorite bathroom furniture! Fredrik’s wife is Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton, so I don’t think I have to mention who did the styling at the photo-shoot… You can see her beautiful signature style! 

Swoon had a collection of bathroom furniture that can be ordered directly online. The concept is set up in a way that you can personalize your furniture: you can choose the color, handles, legs and faucets. A 3D tool visualizes you design, so you can see the final result.

They have three series to choose from: loft, side and square. I fell for Side in sweet rhubard, although I doubt that my beloved other half approves, so we will probably go for dark grey, which is a perfect match with the tiles. I love the attention for detail throughout the entire collection, like the thin wooden legs and cork handles. It’s simple, but so beautiful!

Swoon bathroom furniture - Side lingonberries

Swoon bathroom furniture - Soft snow white

Swoon single side

Swoon bathroom furniture - Square swallows nest

Swoon bathroom furniture - Soft solitude

Swoon bathroom furniture - Side storm black ashes

I’m still dreaming about how sweet rhubarb would look in our new bathroom… What’s your favourite colour and style?


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