In love with Rosie’s posters

Illustration by Rosie Harbottle

Remember last weeks blogpost with a beautiful ‘Stay Wild’ poster? That was Rosie Harbottle’s. I totally fell for her posters, so to start this week in the best possible way we’ll take a look in her shop.

What I love most about her drawings is the way she combines the colours. Besides posters she also has the most amazing photos of her products in which she presents her work. I love spending time in her shop! My favourites are:

Poster Stay wild

Poster Stay wild by Rosie Harbottle

Print We went for a Bikeride by Rosie Harbottle

Poster Goodnight by Rosie Harbottle

Poster Chimney tops by Rosie Harbottle

Poster Chimney tops

Poster Never stop dreaming by Rosie Harbottle

A special thanks to Rosie for letting me show your work on Things I Love. Please continue making these beautiful posters!

PS follow Rosie on Pinterest and Twitter to get inspired! Visit her shop or check out her beautiful work on

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